Paint Gwinnett Pink 5K Walk/Run

Lawrenceville, GA

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Jason Chandler $1,710.00
Domingo Valpuesta $1,592.00
Rachael Mavroudis $1,050.00
Kathy Scott $855.00
John Cushma $800.00
Karen Eggers $659.00
Cathy Bowen $592.25
Rhonda Beldon $563.00

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Pam Robbins

I'm a team member of: Pam's Pink Posse

Welcome to my personal page for the Paint Gwinnett Pink 5K Run/Walk!    

Posse: The definition of a posse is a group of people who come together for a common goal or who stand up for something together.

Please join Pam's Pink Posse on October 7th as we band together in solidarity for one goal-to support an event that provides much-needed resources for individuals in need who are facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

As you may know, I have been undergoing treatments for breast cancer since being diagnosed in October of 2016. I finished with chemo in March, had a mastectomy in April and am now coming to the end of my radiation treatments. It hasn't always been easy, but with the help of my faith, family, friends, and some amazing doctors and nurses, I've been able to keep moving forward in my journey toward healing. 

I feel honored to be able to support an event that will help other cancer patients in my area receive the care they need. The proceeds from Paint Gwinnett Pink will provide the following:

  • Funding for the latest diagnostic technology for breast cancer.
  • Access to mammograms and surgical consultations.
  • Assistance with other cancer treatment needs.

In addition to helping cancer patients who are in need of financial help, this event will also raise breast cancer awareness. After all, 1 in 8 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. 

Please consider making a donation, or even joining my team-Pam's Pink Posse         




My Contributors

Denise Robbins $28.88
Jason Robbins $50.00
Sherry Fortenberry $100.00